Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Bodega Dayz and earlier!!!!

Early 90's boardslide Brooklyn kid!!!!

Me early 90's Greenpoint savings bank. I skated that spot everyday!!!!

Me and Pheo Judging

Me and Brenno Traveling i think he broke his arm on that trip!!!! He had to see a bone dr.!!!!!

Me Joey and Chopper!!!!

Bodega Tour June 6 it was on a billboard we were famous LoL!!!!

Pheo wit party girl at the Rye house Fun times!!!!

Rodney Torres sleeping like a baby!!!!

Oh Man what an amazing trip amazing people. The OVER IT!!!! tour

GoodNight Sweet Prince!!!!

The Demo was a success!!!!

Joey where are you????Come back We miss you

Dan Howe before he was Jamican!!!!

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