Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The crowd gathers

Check out the new graphics yo!!!!

Chopper and Scott with his new pro model. I think scotts more pcyhed on the dunkin coupon in his hand!!!! Congrats bro!!!!

Chopper Deller and Gino just kicking it!!!!

Three beautiful ladies i love very much!!!!

Matt had to leave early and finish his homework but his part ripped!!!!

The Ronz and Deller just like old times!!!!


Me and Lou

The premiere was great everyone seemed to have a good time Pheo was in Deep Space all night, The Ronz was tipsy, Robert was more then tipsy, Chopper was Chopper, Gino and Deller just kicking it, the Brew Crew was all there, people thought Seltz was me and vice versa, Banks and Matt couldnt get in da bar and drank in parking lot, Patrick Ryan was dancing, Lent was growing a beard , Black Jon still isnt Black, Scott turned pro and I drove everyone home!!!! Oh yea Tony took some pictures. GOODNIGHT!!!!

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