Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yesterday i was working in manhattan and as always i went to get lunch for the guys. Weve been working there for two weeks it was on 80th and 3rd ave and there was not much over there besides mcdonalds and subway. Well on this day in the pouring rain the guy i work with doesnt want mcdonalds he wants a hamburger with fries from a place that looks kinda like a diner and that he doesnt know the name of or where it is. All he can tell me in his broken english is he thinks its on third ave down 3blocks oh yea its not a diner but it looks like one. Whatever i go its part of my job. Seven blocks later in the pouring rain contemplating why i didnt go to college i wouldnt have be getting the spanish guys i work with lunch i look over and see someone who resembles Steven Speilberg my mind quickly drifts off and i imagine stricking up a conversation with him telling him all about my shitty life and how i hate my job right now. Mr speilberg then invites me to lunch and at the end of it he has offered to move me to california and has also given me a job. Two seconds later i realize that its not Steven Speilberg and now not only cant i find this place that kinda looks like a diner im really fuckin wet cause i was daydreamin. I walk down 2 more blocks before calling this guy and telling him i cant find it. Now if you think its hard to understand wtf this guy is saying fuckin forget it over the phone, he tells me to get mcdonalds. Uuuurrrgghh im pissed im starting to freak out and i glance over and see something out of the corner of my eye that kinda looks like a diner Holy Shit i found it, i run to it hoping its not a mirage like Speilberg, its legit i go in order 3 hamburger deluxes and ask the guy is it ok if i pay for 2 wit cash and 1 with a debit card. Im broke i have 16 dollars in da bank not enough to take out money but enough to pay for by debit. Guess what ladies and gentleman they dont take plastic awesome just give me 2 then im gonnna sit over here soaking wet and smell all the delicious food. I get the food and go back give it to them one of them says its raining? No asshole i just went for a swim, ill be back im going to get food. I gotta tell ya im not doing to good at this point im pisssed!!!! I walk in to H&S Bagel order a sandwich sit down and eat placing my phone next to me on window sill. I eat thinking about my life and what i can do to change it, i finish the food settle down a bit walk out to get a coffee at starbucks, which is right next door im gone not even 60 seconds realize i left my phone run back, geuss what its fuckin gone. Someone told me that 2 older ladies took it. My whole life is in that phone FFFUUUCCKKK!!!! Whatever back to work finish up leave, sit in traffic for two hours then 2 buses and a cab and oh yea its still pouring rain out. As i sink into the backseat of the cab happy that my long journey is almost over i start thinking hhmmm im hungry what am i gonna eat? i stare out the window looking for place, wait whats that looks good kinda looks like a diner!!!!

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