Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I love skateboarding with all my heart and sometimes I fuckin hate it wit a passion! It truley is a love hate relationship kinda like a girl!!!! Ive been doin it for close to twenty years now and theres been times in my life I fell away from it thinking ill never do it again, but I always find my way back to it. It has a hold on you that is unexplainable unless you do it and if your one of the lucky ones and it gets a hold of you WOW I mean you instantly view the world completely different. Ill be sixty and still be staring out of car windows at steps, handrails, and ledges and daydreaming about the possibilities long after its physically possible for me. My heart will still skip that beat when passing the perfect spot for the first time my adrenaline pumping. If you skate then you feel me if ya dont then your probably thinking grow the fuck up. I feel bad for people who dont get it. I ran into an old girlfriend the other day and was bullshitting for a lil I told her I went skateboarding she kinda laughed and said you still skateboard OMG. Yeah I do and I love it! I recently started again after a five year layoff and believe me its not easy at thirty two to jump right back into it, I mean its only been four months and ive spained my ankle, bruised my foot and oh yeah got hit by a fuckin truck!!!! All this while trying to film for a video (HAZEL RAH) and this is when I hate it when I get frustrated and say im too old for this shit out anger!!!! For some reason it kinda felt like it was missing something this time or mabey I was missing something. Well last sunday I went skateboarding in brooklyn and it was like a reunion from the nineties PHEO, SKULNICK ,CHOPPER ,RAY, SELTZ, BUCK ,C.KENT,RONZ,OSCAR, J.REEVES, Grabowski, and more, there were no cameras no trying to do the best trick at the best spot just fuckin pure skateboarding super fun . Everyone was above thirty and ive known them all since our teens. And it was there under the Brooklyn queens expressway I found what was missing. Last night the same shit just fun no filming no cameras just rolling around in a parking lot. I love my friends and I love skateboarding!!!! No matter how bad I fuck up and believe me I can fuck up pretty bad Skateboarding is always there waiting for me like a really good FRIEND and thats why I love it!!!!


  1. Franky Dukes.. This is why we love you.

    A good read at 7:38 in the morning.

    Needed this.

    Thank you.

  2. grow up. smoke cigars play golf have baby. thats what society deems axcceptable. luv u man. that story should be in a book.

  3. new shit for saturday